Yes, size does matter when choosing washing machines for cleaning horse blankets. You need a small (40-50lb) commercial, programmable front loader for cottons, polar fleeces, wool cooler and saddle pads. They must be run on a gentle cycle without too much agitation. This machine is also used for turnouts that are severely damaged and must be washed alone.
The large commercial, programmable front loaders, (we have an 85 lb and a 100 lb machine) are used for turnouts, insulated or otherwise. Turnouts, being waterproof in various degrees, hinder the flow of soap and water through the fibers and subsequently, the dirt and soap cannot be completely rinsed out.
You end up with what is called "re-deposition;" where some of the dirt & soap is re deposited back onto the blanket.  This is easily seen on the black shiny lining of the blanket when it is dry.  It appears as streaks or swirls. Not only is some of the dirt not rinsed out, neither is the soap; left behind to irritate your horse.
To prevent this condition and to insure proper water circulation, we limit our 85 & 100 lb machine to 3 & 4 turnouts respectively.

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