Services & Pricing
Fly Sheets   $20.75
Sheets, Nylon   $20.75
Sheets, Cotton   $24.75
Turnouts, Un-Insulated   $25.00
Baker Blankets   $27.00
Turnouts, Insulated   $30.75
Polar Fleece Coolers   $29.75
Wool Coolers   $29.75
English Saddle Pad   $9.00 +
Western Saddle Pad   $17.50 +
Shipping Boots (per pair)   $14.00
Water Repellent (any blanket or sheet)   $17.00

* The weight of the blanket is determined by how much space it takes up in the washing machine, not by the blanket manufacturers weight designation. A “heavy weight” designation by one manufacturer may be a “medium weight” designation by another.

Repair Services are available and are quoted individually. The minimum charge for repairs is $10.00.


How are your blankets cared for? Read on...

  • At mark in, all Velcro and leg/tail straps will be closed to prevent damage.
  • If ripped, the damaged area will be pinned together to prevent additional tearing in the wash.
  • A minimum of two pre-rinses are programmed in our machines. With the surface dirt out of the way, the organic soap that is injected results in a much cleaner blanket.
  • There are 9 programs in each machine based on the weight, fabric, amount of hair and level of dirt.
  • There are a minimum of two post rinses to assure the soap in completely removed.
  • Your blankets are air dried. We do not own a dryer.


There are no boilers or dryers in our 2,500 square foot facility.  Everything is washed in cold water and air dried.  We have 60 rolling racks for air drying the blankets.  The laundry equipment consists of four Unimac commercial washing machines; 20, 40, 85 & 100 lbs.  They have 9 different computerized programs and can clean just about anything the horse wears; turnouts, sheets, saddle pads and shipping boots.  We even have a program and process for shipping halters.  Our laundry chemicals are organic, biodegradable and non-irritating.  The blankets come from the machine at a neutral PH.  We offer several waterproofing methods.

We are also a full service dry cleaner, so we also professionally clean wool coolers, show clothes, stall drapes, etc.


It is difficult to individually list repair prices since they can vary depending on the blanket structure and type of damage.  But basically, we can fix anything including tack.  Our minimum charge is $10.00.  Generally, any damage that involves or extends into the binding or front pleats will be more expensive to repair.
As you know, extensive repairs can sometimes exceed the cost of the blanket.  If any repair is estimated to be more than $35.00, we will contact you for a decision before proceeding.  We attempt to match fabric, color, hardware and thread, but our goal is to make the blanket serviceable.  If you determine that one of your blankets is beyond repair, please do not discard it.  We can use the hardware and fabric to keep or costs down, or, if the damage is minimal, we can repair and then donate it to Mylestone Equine Rescue.

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