Services & Pricing
Fly Sheets   $20.75
Sheets, Nylon   $20.75
Sheets, Cotton   $24.75
Turnouts, Un-Insulated   $25.00
Baker Blankets   $27.00
Turnouts, Insulated   $30.75
Polar Fleece Coolers   $29.75
Wool Coolers   $29.75
English Saddle Pad   $9.00 +
Western Saddle Pad   $17.50 +
Shipping Boots (per pair)   $14.00
Water Repellent (any blanket or sheet)   $17.00

* The weight of the blanket is determined by how much space it takes up in the washing machine, not by the blanket manufacturers weight designation. A “heavy weight” designation by one manufacturer may be a “medium weight” designation by another.

Repair Services are available and are quoted individually. The minimum charge for repairs is $10.00.


How are your blankets cared for? Read on...

  • At mark in, all Velcro and leg/tail straps will be closed to prevent damage.
  • If ripped, the damaged area will be pinned together to prevent additional tearing in the wash.
  • A minimum of two pre-rinses are programmed in our machines. With the surface dirt out of the way, the organic soap that is injected results in a much cleaner blanket.
  • There are 9 programs in each machine based on the weight, fabric, amount of hair and level of dirt.
  • There are a minimum of two post rinses to assure the soap in completely removed.
  • Your blankets are air dried. We do not own a dryer.


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